Live life fully covered. Strata Insurance Brokers, offering you rock solid cover!

We are proud to offer our clients a personalised approach to insurance. We have been in the industry since 2007 and continue to grow only as a result of our loyal clients who (for some) have been with us from the very beginning! We aim to grow our business alongside our clients, and plan to grow old gracefully together. Because of our experience we know the different stages you go through in life and are pleased to be able to assist you right from the start! It’s never to early or to late to make sure you are covered.


Greg Owen
General Manager

I'm Greg Owen,

Born in East London. After 32 years as Business Manager for Sanlam Life, I felt a change was necessary, and driving the strategy at Strata Insurance Brokers became my new focus.

That focus was to transform a ‘really smart business’ into a ‘really healthy business’, and by taking the skills, knowledge and talents of the great team we have, there is little doubt that will be achieved.

Although my experience in the short term insurance market was, and still is, somewhat limited, learning something new each day became my mantra. Add that to the years of management experience at Sanlam, I excitedly look forward to becoming an asset to Strata Insurance Brokers, and its clients.

Married to Michelle for 38 years, we have two children, Charné and Ryan, along with four beautiful grandchildren.

Office Manager

Masi Jini
Head of Claims

Carmann Horsley
Sales And Marketing Consultant

Charne’ Adams
Claims Administrator

Commercial Lines Underwriter

Monique Marais

Systems Operator/Marketing Support

Nicole Ioannides
Personal Lines Underwriter

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We Provide

Gap Cover

Having a really good Medical Aid might not be enough, in the case of an operation in Hospital.

Business Insurance

Your business sustains not only you but everyone involved so make sure you have the correct insurance measures in place!

Vehicle Insurance

Protect your vehicles against accidental damage, theft, loss and third party claims.

Homeowners Insurance

When it comes to Personal Insurance we make sure to dot our i’s and cross our t’s because home is where the heart is!