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Nicole Ioannides

I’m Nicole Ioannides,

I was born in Johannesburg and moved to East London in 2011, I spent 2 years working in China and travelling with my boyfriend (my husband now). I have been in the Insurance Industry for 5 years and feel I have found my calling. I am currently studying and will continue to do so as I love furthering my education. I have recently become a mommy to a beautiful little boy who has changed our lives for the better. I love my friends and family and am blessed in abundance with my life.


We Provide

Gap Cover

Having a really good Medical Aid might not be enough, in the case of an operation in Hospital.

Business Insurance

Your business sustains not only you but everyone involved so make sure you have the correct insurance measures in place!

Vehicle Insurance

Protect your vehicles against accidental damage, theft, loss and third party claims.

Homeowners Insurance

When it comes to Personal Insurance we make sure to dot our i’s and cross our t’s because home is where the heart is!